This is the Pareto group

Pareto is a leading, independent operator in the Nordic market for financial services.
The company has offices in Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim, Kristiansand, Stockholm, Malmö, Helsinki, Copenhagen, London, Aberdeen, Frankfurt, Zürich, Singapore, Perth, New York and Houston. Pareto was founded in late 1985 and since that time has grown into a corporate group offering a wide array of products. The group has 1056 employees and shareholders’ equity of some NOK 4.4 billion. 

Business sectors

Through its subsidiaries, Pareto offers a wide range of services within the broking of shares, bonds and partnership interests, the management of issues of equity and debt capital instruments, and direct investments. The group also provides project funding, business management services, valuations, refinancing, financial advisory services, real estate, commercial property and insurance brokerage, investment advisory services, investment management and asset management. Furthermore, Pareto is involved in chartering and buying and selling tanker and dry bulk tonnage and drilling rigs through its ship brokerage business, as well as providing techni­cal management services for vessels. In certain areas, the group works closely with Pareto Bank, in which Pareto is the largest shareholder.

Diversity and a strong local presence

The broad scope of Pareto’s product range has provided the foundations for the group to grow and prosper and has given our clients a balanced and diversified product portfolio offering sound, long­term returns. Pareto’s long­standing engagement with local markets and companies has equipped us with experi­ence and skills, enabling us to treat each client individually and to safeguard and promote our clients’ interests in the best way possible.

Pareto prioritises organic growth and the development of in­-house competence. Acquisitions, mergers and collaborations are continuously under consideration, with the aim of complement­ing and developing the company still further.

Pareto’s aims and strategies

Pareto’s goal is to be the preferred Nordic supplier of financial services, based on a thorough and detailed knowledge of social conditions, industries and individual companies. Our aim is to create sound financial solutions for business and industry and to secure high returns for our clients. Pareto’s strategy is based on maintaining our focus, in­depth knowledge, experience and long­-term client relationships.

We are committed to continuous development and improve­ment. We invest our knowledge and financial resources for the long haul. We demand responsibility, integrity and a high ethical standard of our employees. Pareto is an independent operator and our aim is that our approach should always be innovative, creative and different.

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